About me

Hi, I’m Chris. I'm a documentary style wedding photographer living in the North-West of England with my gorgeous wife Candice and beautiful daughter Grace. When I’m not taking photos of my family, or being a climbing frame for Grace, I love to take stunning wedding photographs for couples who really want the best possible memories of their big day.

They say, "The camera looks both ways." So through my photography you might be able to get a sense of my personality. I like extremes. Tiny little details and little looks of emotion, combined with big cinematic shots that you can’t stop looking at. Being a photographer in Manchester is ideal for getting dramatic scenery, and even more dramatic weather!

My personality does mean however that moderation is a bit of an issue for me. I can’t eat just half a cake…or chocolate bar…or big box of Malteasers!

I also, and most importantly, have a sense of humour. If there’s something funny happening, I’ll be there discretely photographing it, as well as laughing at it.

I think the biggest prerequisite to being a great wedding photographer, much more than having ‘the best camera’, is being calm, relaxed and easy to talk to. This above all else helps me to get the best pictures of people, and means we have a lot of fun doing it!